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High Temperature Safety Switch


Why Install the ARP Control?

Previous to the introduction of the patented ARP Control, RV refrigerators had no monitoring of the cooling unit boiler temperature. Why monitor the boiler temperature? There are two reasons as follows:


All boilers, be it on a steam engine, a household heater, or your Norcold fridge run at a constant temperature when everything is operating normally. When the "normal" boiler temperature rises, unsafe conditions arise due to excess thermal stress on the system. Most everyone has heard of a boiler explosion.


As described above, keeping the cooling unit boiler at safe levels also solves the main cause of Dometic and Norcold failure. Excess heat from the cooling unit boiler is the primary cause of failure for all RV refrigerators. Why go there? The small cost of the ARP Control could result in your fridge lasting the life of your RV.

When the ARP Control is installed correctly, it adds a level of safety to your fridge that was not available until the patenting and introduction of the ARP Control. It is important to leave the manufacture recall/safety devices in place. Most of these recall devices have been mandated by federal campaigns.


  • 2118
  • 2117
  • 1210
  • 1200
  • N1095
  • NX841
  • NXA841
  • N841
  • N842
  • N821
  • N822
  • N811
  • NX641
  • NXA641
  • N641
  • N621
  • N611
  • N500
  • N510
  • N512
  • N400
  • N410
  • N412
  • 900/ 9000 Models
    • 952, 962, 982, 9152, 9162, 9182
  • 600/ 6000 Models
    • 652, 662, 682, 6062, 6162, 6082, 6182

The only difference between the two models below is the fan control option. If your refrigerator has fans on the back cooling unit, you have the option of going with the fan control model. It will bypass your existing fan thermostat and have the ARP module control the fans operation based on temperature at the flu.

Below you can view the ARPrv products we offer!

*The only difference between the two models listed below is that the V3.1 has a fan thermostat. If your refrigerator has a fan and you want to bypass the Norcold fan thermostat, go with the V3.1. If not, V2.0 will work on all refrigerators.