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Norcold High Temperature Limit Switch V2.0 by ARPrv


Norcold High Temperature Limit Switch V2.0 by ARPrv

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Product Description

High Temp Limit/ Thermal Switch ARP Basic Controller V2.0 Fridge Protection

This high temperature safety switch is designed to go on Norcold gas absorption refrigerators without cooling unit fans. It's purpose is designed around lengthening the lifespan of your cooling unit by preventing harmful overheating of the ammonia-solution as well as the safety features that go along with that. When a high temperature threat is sensed it will temporarily shut power to the refrigerator until the temperature reaches safe levels again. Causes for overheating are most commonly caused by off-level operation and operation in extremely high ambient temperatures. These things are often times out of your control and so we highly recommend making sure your cooling unit is not overheated, causing damage to the system. This model works on the vast majority of refrigerators, however, some models will need the V3.1. Please see the note below:

If you have one of the model refrigerators listed below, you need the ARPV3.1 (click):

  • 1210/ 1211 (manufactured post 2012 or with a cooling unit manufactured post 2012)
  • 2117
  • 2118
  • All refrigerators with an Amish-made cooling unit

What Does the ARP Control Do?

The ARP Control is an automatic temperature monitoring device. Automatic means that if your Dometic or Norcold cooling unit overheats, the ARP Control senses the "abnormal temperatures" and turns off the heater that drives the refrigeration process. The ARP will automatically restart your fridge if an overheat situation arises.

What Will Cause a Dometic or Norcold Cooling Unit to Overheat?

Here is a partial list of reasons that your RV fridge can overheat:

  • Parking Off-Level
  • Driving Up/Down Steep Grades
  • Failure of Electric or LP Gas Heater
  • Cooling Unit Fluids Blockage or Internal Failure
  • Wind Preventing Air Circulation in Cooling Unit Compartment
  • Freezing Ambient Temperatures.
  • Ambient Temperatures Over 100 Degrees F.

Why is the ARP Control a Safety and Failure Prevention Device?

The ARP Control monitors the cooling unit "normal" boiler temperatures. The cooling unit boiler of your Dometic or Norcold will run at constant normal temperature as long as the cooling unit is preforming in a safe manner. When the cooling unit boiler temperatures rise above the "normal" temperatures, damage to the cooling unit results. Cooling unit damage can lead to premature cooling failure or even worse, the cooling unit boiler can crack due to excessive thermal stress and cause the fluids to leak externally resulting in an RV fire.


Our Standard device comes with everything needed to install it yourself - the Controller, Platinum Temperature Probe, wiring, screws and wire connectors (some installs require unique power and ground connectors not included).


This control offers economy and ease of use while fully protecting your fridge from boiler overheating. It may be used on virtually all Dometic and Norcold fridges roof type venting for the cooling unit. 

ARP Control Wiring

Norcold Wiring Diagram


This diagram is a general installation guide for the ARP Control. The v2.0 does not have a fan control; this would be the only difference in the wiring between the v2.0 and v2.1 controls.

The RV supplies power to the ARP, and in turn the ARP supplies power to the RV fridge controller.

For the ARP without the fan control, just install the ARP temperature sensor in the cooling unit boiler housing on the boiler tube.

*If your refrigerator has the recall switch/ high temperature safety switch already installed, this ARP switch should be installed in conjunction with it (in series). The Norcold switch is a federally mandated switch and should be replaced if it's not working properly. If you need Norcold to send you out a switch and you fall within the recall, give them a call at 800-543-1219.



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