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Operating Your RV Refrigerator On Propane While Driving (is it safe?!)

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Is it safe to run your RV refrigerator on LP/ propane mode while traveling???

While driving you would need to operate the refrigerator on propane (or AC if you keep your generator on). This begs the question, is it safe to operate on LP while driving on unlevel ground?

The simple answer is that it's your RV and that's up to you. The cooling system should be able to operate just fine since you would be driving up and down, allowing the ammonia solution in your gravity operated cooling unit to flow normally. We recommend, however, that you do not. If you are in an accident and break the gas line in the process, there is a potential for a fire and/or explosion as a result. 

Norcold refrigerators are capable of running 6-8 hours while losing no more than 4 degrees within the compartment. To ensure that, open the refrigerator as few times as possible. We also recommend running it on the coldest setting for a few hours before embarking on your trip. If, however, you prefer to use the refrigerator frequently during your trip, simply turn on your generator and run it on AC during your journey.

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