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Norcold Technical Service/ Repair (fix my refrigerator!)

Seek Adventure, LLC

Norcold Technical Service/ Repair (fix my refrigerator!)

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Please allow 12 business hours for Email support. Urgent phone support will be handled ASAP on a first come, first serve basis!
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Product Description

Get Troubleshooting Assistance For Your Norcold RV/ Marine Refrigerator!

Our technical support services are supplied by our RV refrigerator technician, Brian Currier. Brian was a Norcold refrigerator technician for several years before leaving the company and becoming "The Norcold Guy!". Brian no longer has any affiliation with Thetford Corp. or Norcold, Inc. Our technical service is designed around conveniently solving issues by figuring out what the refrigerator is doing and/or showing. You do not need to be a certified electrician or mechanic in order to troubleshoot your refrigerator and we'll show you exactly how to do it in a safe an efficient way. For those RVers that don't feel comfortable diving into the troubleshooting process, we recommend going to a service center.

Our Guarantee!

We guarantee that we can help find the source of your issue or your money back. If we cannot locate the problem at hand, we will assist you in locating the nearest service center in your area, free of charge! 

Our Policies and Procedures!  

We give the safest possible information for you to follow, but if you are not comfortable in assisting with troubleshooting, please contact your local RV repair shop. We are not liable for any damage(s) or injury(s) that occur during, or are a direct result of technical support. 

Product Videos

Norcold Technical Support | meet The Norcold Guy! 01:35

Norcold refrigerator help because NOBODY likes the taste of spoiled food or warm beer! My name is Brian Currier and I handle the technical support service offered on This service is offered to assist RVers in need of urgent assistance, and/or are unable get to a service center in a timely manner. I will safely walk you through the steps necessary to get your refrigerator running again! If I am unable to resolve your issues, we will refund you, no questions asked. After the refund has gone through we will assist you in finding a nearby service center to get your unit fixed. Getting you back on the road safely is our mission and if I'm unable to walk you through getting your problem diagnosed, I promise to make sure we put you in the hands of someone who can. I look forward to meeting you! Owned and operated by Seek Adventure, LLC

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