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N410, N412 (4.5 cubic ft)

Norcold N410/ N412 (4.5 cubic ft) for sale!

The largest capacity in its class, this unit features a large freezer and convenient eye-level controls.


  • Largest capacity in its class!
  • Adjustable thermostat responds to changes in ambient temperatures and varied use
  • Built-in control diagnostics provide valuable information to simplify servicing, speed repairs, and increase customer satisfaction
  • Auto changeover between gas and electric
  • Freezer compartment – larger than the competition!
  • Easily-reversible, self-latching door opens 150° and accepts side-installed decorative door panels
  • Automatic cycle to limit frost buildup on refrigerator cooling fans


  • Convenient eye level controls
  • Easy-clean, no-tarnish white powdered-coated shelves
  • Adjustable, removable door bins
  • One-gallon container shelf storage, and 2-liter bottle and ½ gallon door bin storage
  • Flip up bottom shelf holds gallon jug


  • Automatic re-ignition if gas flame goes out
  • Travel latch with storage position



We have both the Norcold N410 (beige) and N412 (black) in stock and available for purchase below: