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Covid - 19 (Coronavirus) Here at Seek Adventure

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We want our customers to know that you are our priority especially at a time like this. Many RVers are trying to get their coach up and running as quickly as possible and we're here to assist you with that. Norcold, Inc. has temporarily closed until April 13th and due to that, all non-stock items will not be placed until then. Special orders have a two week lead time from the date we place it with Norcold, Inc. On the product screen right above "Add to Cart", you will see the availability tab that will tell you whether or not a product is in stock or not. If you have any questions or concerns, please Email

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My Norcold RV Refrigerator Power Board Won't Reset!

Is your RV refrigerator board locked out and not resetting? You are NOT alone...To be clear, a board in "lockout mode" can be showing any of the following codes (depending your model number): flashing 5 timesdisplaying an "n" codedisplaying an "no co" codeThe reset procedure can be found at the link below:Norcold Board Reset Procedure - [...]

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Norcold Refrigerator Checklist (when buying a used or new RV!)

Below is a video on a simple checklist of things you'll want to be familiar with before buying your coach. Know the basics of your refrigerator so that you can keep it running!

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Norcold N7/ NA7, N8/ NA8, N10/ NA10 Flashing 10 times (how to fix!)

Has your Norcold Polar N7, N8, or N10 started flashing 10 times?This fault seems to have plagued many of these new Norcold models and unfortunately it often times comes down to replacing either the front optical board or the rear power board. The reason for the fault is an issue with communication between both boards and [...]

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Norcold N7, NA7, N8, NA8, N10, and NA10 Models (fault codes and HELP!)

Norcold N7/ N8/ N10 Fault Codes And What To Do (service manual assistance broken down)Here are the Norcold Polar models that this page is referring to: N7NA7N8NA8N10NA10MEANINGPOSSIBLE SOLUTIONPower On indicator is solid redFridge tried to start on selected energy source and failedTry the manual mode if in auto. Try the auto mode if in manual. Check [...]

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Operating Your RV Refrigerator On Propane While Driving (is it safe?!)

Is it safe to run your RV refrigerator on LP/ propane mode while traveling???While driving you would need to operate the refrigerator on propane (or AC if you keep your generator on). This begs the question, is it safe to operate on LP while driving on unlevel ground?The simple answer is that it's your RV [...]

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Natural explanations for your RV refrigerator not cooling/ freezing!

Here are some natural reasons for your RV refrigerator's cooling unit to quit working properly!When will it NATURALLY not cool?When you are parked off-level!Since it's a gravity operated cooling unit, if you're off-level the ammonia solution isn't able to flow down the cooling unit and it will cause the whole system to overheat. Extremely low [...]

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Norcold Ice Maker Won't Make Ice! HELP

Is your Norcold ice maker not making ice? We can help! The ice maker found in Norcold refrigerators is made by Whirlpool and should look identical to the image below: Below is a list of Norcold refrigerators that will have this ice maker installed: N641IM N841IM N1095IM 1200IM 1200LRIM 1210IM 1210LRIM 2117IM 2118IM *the letters "IM" in the model number stand for Ice Maker.  This RV ice maker [...]

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Most Commonly Replaced Norcold Refrigerator Parts

Norcold Common Replaced RV Refrigerator PartsDon't leave on your trip across the country without having these parts on-hand!Planning a long trip and want to make sure you have some replacement parts on hand? You're not alone. Here is a small list of top replacement parts to get your refrigerator back in working order while on [...]

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Norcold Fault Codes F, no FL, or gas light flashing every second (LP/ Flame Problems)

Is Your Norcold Refrigerator Doing One of the Following? N611, N811 on light staying steady, gas light flashing at one second intervalsN400, N410, N412, N500, N510, N512, N621, N622, N821, N822 front display showing "F"N641, N642, NX641, NXA641, N841, N842, NX841, NXA841, 1200, 1210, 1211, 2117, 2118 front display showing "no FL", one after the otherFor all of the [...]

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