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How To Remove Norcold Door Panels

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All panel type Norcold doors come without the front panels installed on the door. Panels come in all sorts of colors and styles including wood grain, black acrylic, white acrylic, and brushed aluminum. These panels slide into place on the door, being held in place by side retainers (black strips). These side retainers snap into place along the side of the door. By applying pressure at the top corner as you work your way down the door, you can free this side retainer from the door entirely, allowing you to slide the old panel out and the new panel in! 

If you find that after you have the black side retainer off of the door the panel will not freely slide out, we've heard of coach manufacturers gluing them in place. If that's the case, you may have some difficulty in getting it out. For those poor souls we would recommend removing the door entirely, removing all of the retainers on the door, and using a long putty knife along all edges as deep as you can before trying to pry it off.

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