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My Norcold RV Refrigerator Power Board Won't Reset!

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Is your RV refrigerator board locked out and not resetting? You are NOT alone...

To be clear, a board in "lockout mode" can be showing any of the following codes (depending your model number):

  • flashing 5 times
  • displaying an "n" code
  • displaying an "no co" code

The reset procedure can be found at the link below:

Norcold Board Reset Procedure - CLICK

This is a fairly common thing that we hear and experience in the field. Some Norcold power boards are more finicky than others and as a result, are more difficult to get to click over. For those boards, all that we can do is recommend you to follow every single step to a T. Make sure the wire you're using to jumper the terminals is 12 gauge and make sure it's making a strong connection both for your ground and the pin terminal. If it's still not resetting, try a couple of different ground points in the back. Try the ground screw on the board, the grounding plate at the bottom, etc. 

This may be a frustrating thing to read but every single board is capable of resetting, even a bad board. There has never been a case of a locked out board that has been incapable of the reset and so there is no need for you to purchase a new board. That will obviously not be in lockout when you connect it, but it will soon go into lockout. One thing that we know for sure when a board does show one of the codes above is that the one part on your refrigerator that is working properly is the power board. Keep yours and stick with it! Something is wrong but it's not the board so please review the article in the link above and follow every step slowly.

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