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Norcold N7/ NA7, N8/ NA8, N10/ NA10 Flashing 10 times (how to fix!)

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Has your Norcold Polar N7, N8, or N10 started flashing 10 times?

This fault seems to have plagued many of these new Norcold models and unfortunately it often times comes down to replacing either the front optical board or the rear power board. The reason for the fault is an issue with communication between both boards and more specifically with the blue wire running through the refrigerator box, connecting through both wire harnesses.

The very first thing to check is a possible connection issue with that blue wire. First remove the optical board from the front of the refrigerator and inspect the plug connection. Make sure it's tight and that there are no visible burn marks. Next, do the same with the rear Norcold power board. We recommend first removing the power board cover so that you can also inspect this board for burn marks. 

If there is nothing visible on either board or either connection where that blue wire comes in, one of the two boards have failed. While Norcold can't pinpoint the fault any further than that we can tell you that based on the Norcold refrigerators we've work on with this code, it's typically the power board that is to blame and so we recommend starting there. Electronics cannot be returned after being opened and connected to the refrigerator, however, every order does provide you with free technical support for your refrigerator in the future. If anything goes wrong, we're in your corner to help with the troubleshooting process.

Below is a link to the Norcold power board that fits all of these Norcold models:

Below is a link to the Norcold optical board for the N7/ NA7, N8/ NA8, N10/ NA10 (without "LX" after the model):

If your model includes the "LX" after the number, you need the following optical board:

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